Rules of Shooting and Guidelines 

All members should be familiar with the guidelines in Range Etiquette and Safety
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TIMEKEEPING: club members should be at the club before shooting commences to help set out the field. O

n Sundays members can start arriving from about 8.30am and should be at the club by 9am on club Sundays to avoid disruption to others.  Arrival after shooting has started may result in the archer being refused permission to shoot. This is to avoid disruption to other members and ensure that everyone does their fair share.

  • If you arrive late, please do not assume that you can join a target that is already set up.
  • A separate target for latecomers can be set up at the woods side of the field. Late arrival on competition days may result in latecomers being refused permission to shoot.
  • Club members who arrive late, and have not helped put the field out, should remain at the end of shooting to help put the equipment away.

CARBON ARROWS: NO all carbon arrows are permitted at Bromley Archery Club.

BAMBOO ARROWS: NO bamboo arrows are permitted at Bromley Archery Club.

CROSSBOWS: NO crossbows are permitted at Bromley Archery Club.
CLOUT SHOOTS and FIELD SHOOT: no compound bows, no sights or sighting aids.
GNAS COLOURS: these should be worn at away shoots. They should also be worn on normal club days particularly BAC competitions.  See Resources and Club Colours.

CLOTHING - other: Camoflague clothing is not permitted.  Shoes must not have open toes.
ARCHERY GB (GNAS) CARD: Club members must have their current GNAS membership card with them whenever they attend an archery fixture, including normal club days at the BAC ground and the indoor venue.

Rules of Shooting April 2018

307. Dress Regulations

(a) The recognised dress of Archery GB is plain dark green and/or white.

(b) Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting.


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A fun clout was held on 17 April.  Details can be found HERE
COVID 19 (Coronavirus)
COVID 19 precautions are still in place but to a lesser extent.  All BAC members and trainees should read the information provided on the Members page of this website and take any necessary steps as indicated.
Please read ALL the instructions at the top of the page. Your request must be received by MIDNIGHT the Friday preceding.
Cancellations should be received by midday the day BEFORE your session, to avoid unnecessary work for other club members.
Results Archive

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2018 AGM minutes (posted 19/6/18)
Minutes are available in Members Only. A password is required to access the area.
SCORESHEETS - correct completion

The Members Only area has a section dedicated to the completion of scoresheets.  Members should familiarise themselves with these guidelines. If your scoresheet is not completed correctly your score will not be recorded in the database. Competition results may also exclude your details if you fail to follow instructions correctly.



A copy of the Club Constitution and various other club documents can be found in the Members Only area.Details for setting out the field and related information can be found here.


MEMBERS ONLY AREA: Password protected area for full Bromley Archery Club members only. You may be asked for proof of membership. Send an email to for the password.

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