Artchery pics

Archery-related pictures; some taken by members of the BAC community on their various travels

A pdf archive document, with various "Artchery" images can be found here.

Click on a picture to get a closer look at it.

Bromley Archery Club at the Sidcup ground circa 1961. This photograph was used for a 10,000 Maniacs album cover.

Orange grower advertising from early 1900s California. Fruit growing does not immediately spring to mind when thinking about archery!

Archery in Japan.

Pictures: Denise Brook (2016)

Broad arrow, Fleet Street, London

Picture: Helen Jeory (2015)

Tomb of a Lycinian archer, in the city of Myra, Turkey

Picture: Denise Brook (2014)

Arrayed arrows, Jen Talbot, Western Union office San Francisco

Picture: Frazer McGuinness (2014)

The display consists of 2012 arrows, and took five days to complete.

With the rotating black sun and the arrow, Paul Klee, Tate Modern

Picture: Helen Jeory (2014)

Diana or Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Vatican

Picture: Michael Herschell (2013)

Fragment from palace of King Darius I, archer from the royal guard,

Louvre Lens (France)

Picture: Helen Jeory (2013)

Untitled 1979, Jannis Kounellis, Tate Modern

Picture: Helen Jeory (2013)

Chelsea Physic Garden, London

Picture: Helen Jeory (2013)

Olympic Archer, South Bank pavement, London

Picture: Helen Jeory (2012)

Red Arrows, London 2012

Picture: Helen Jeory

Study for Venus Verticordia, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Courtauld Gallery

Picture: Helen Jeory (2011)

Diana or Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Hever Castle

Picture: Helen Jeory (2009)


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