Club members can find up to date information about their classifications on this page.  Also see the Members Only area for year end classification information.


Archery GB have announced a revision on the scores required to achieve classifications.  A key point is that all classifications below Master Bowman are archived and must be attained again.


The link to the AGB site with background is:


It has link to a personal calculator calibrated to the new classifications. 


If you are working towards a classification download the scoring table applicable to you. Find the table for your age/gender/bow type:

.:: Imperial and FITA Rounds ::.
Adobe Acrobat document [162.5 KB]




22-Jun-22: Barebow Gent Bowman: Stelios Andreou

24-Apr-22: Barebow Gent Bowman: Ed Stoppard

03-Feb-13: Longbow Lady Bowman: Helen Jeory (reclassified June 2022)


Helen Jeory - York, April 2019

Tom Williams - York, June 2019

Andy Barham - WA1440, September 2019

Clout Tassel Awards

2013 - Helen Jeory, Black Tassel Lady Longbow

2019 - Andy Barham, White Tassel Gent Barebow

2019 - Tom Williams, White Tassel Gent Traditional Barebow

Three Gold End

2014 - Helen Jeory, Lady Longbow (60 yards)


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ARCHERY GB - New classification standards
AGB has been working with various clubs etc work out new classifications. Click here for more information.
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SCORESHEETS - correct completion

The Members Only area has a section dedicated to the completion of scoresheets.  Members should familiarise themselves with these guidelines. If your scoresheet is not completed correctly your score will not be recorded in the database. Competition results may also exclude your details if you fail to follow instructions correctly.



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