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Club Archery Equipment

The following items are available at the club for members' use. Please contact a committee member if you wish to use or borrow an item. Please treat this equipment with care and return it as soon as possible so that others may use it.

Arrow Straightener - a precision item so care is required when using it.

Bow Scales - used to gauge bow weight/poundage when pulled.

Fletching Jig - for replacing your fletchings.

Draw Length Gauge - measure your draw length for safe arrow selection and defining your draw weight/poundage.

Bracing Height Gauge - helpful tool for consistent shooting.

Club Shooting Colours

The club follows the recognised dress code of the GNAS, which is plain dark green or white. Green and white garments may be worn together. Please do not wear camoflague clothing.


At home and away competitions it is normally compulsory that club or GNAS colours are worn. The following items of clothing with the club logo are available for sale in bottle green or white. Other items with the logo are available. A clothing catalogue is pinned to the first noticeboard. Payment in full is required when ordering. Contact Andy Barnes if you require any club clothing.

Item Price
Crew neck sweatshirt £12.75
Cotton polo shirt £12.50
Plain rugby shirt £20.00
Polar fleece full zip jacket £21.00
Polar fleece body warmer £14.50
Shower-proof fleece lined jacket £27.00
Cloth badges - iron/stick on £  2.50


See Club News for the latest club competition results and What's New? for other club related information and quick updates.  To see a list of all tabs on the site use the SITEMAP link at the bottom of every page.

ARCHERY GB - New classification standards
AGB has been working with various clubs etc work out new classifications. Click here for more information.
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SCORESHEETS - correct completion

The Members Only area has a section dedicated to the completion of scoresheets.  Members should familiarise themselves with these guidelines. If your scoresheet is not completed correctly your score will not be recorded in the database. Competition results may also exclude your details if you fail to follow instructions correctly.



A copy of the Club Constitution and various other club documents can be found in the Members Only area.Details for setting out the field and related information can be found here.


MEMBERS ONLY AREA: Password protected area for full Bromley Archery Club members only. You may be asked for proof of membership. Send an email to for the password.

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