In Memoriam


22 October 1949 - 14 January 2021

It is with deepest sadness that we say farewell to one of our wonderful members.


Robin joined the club on 29 September 2002.  He became our Treasurer in 2005, making sure the books were always balanced and accounts paid on time.  He took care of uniform requirements for the members so that we all had the right gear to look good on the shooting line.


Robin was always there to give advice to new and old members, spending much of his time as a coach and part of the training team.  He was one of our main organisers, getting involved with pretty much everything.  Not only did he help with our club he he also helped people outside as a digital eagle.


He was able to fit in his own archery time, shooting longbow, and doing very well at our competition clouts.  Robin was one of the intrepid archers who ventured to foreign shores to shoot.  He made it to France and Holland a number of times.  On one infamous occasion, at a roundabout in France, all three cars of our convoy each took a separate exit in a 'starburst' fashion.  It took hours to reconvene, Robin having taken a more scenic and lengthy route!  Robin also made a name for himself drinking Jagerbombs during evening relaxtion at an annual shoot in Holland, and waking up late looking much the worse for wear!


Robin was very proud of being part of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in the Industrial Revolution segment.  We all sat glued to our sets trying to spot him.


Robin will be remembered fondly for usually turning up late.  But if he said he was going to be somewhere he would be ... eventually.  He will be remembered for his even temperament, except when he got annoyed ... footballers on our field and various other little niggles.  He will be remembered for being one of the tallest members of the club.  He will be remembered for his black and white dinosaur hat which made an appearance on special occasions, and his homemade medieval garb.  He will also be remebered for his kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness.


Rest in peace dear Robin.  We love and miss you.


It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of our friend Michael Herschell.


A former firefighter, Michael was a very fine longbow archer and had also been a valued member of the committee, during his 11 years with the club.  Not only was he a worthy and successful competitor here but he also competed abroad.  In addition, he was one of a very small group of the club's archers to have achieved a longbow Three Gold End (80 yards).


Michael was a giant of a man with a wicked and crazy sense of humour.  No one that knew him will forget how he made us cry with laughter.  An abiding memory for many of us will be when he transformed himself into HM The Queen for the Jubilee Shoot.  What a joker!  And there was always much hilarity and banter on Sundays when he was around.


Michael was a great man and it was a privilege to have known him and shot with him.


Rest in peace Michael.  We miss you.


It was with sadness that Bromley Archery Club mourned the passing of Philip Blackie in September 2017.


Philip joined our club in September of 2009 when Beckenham Bowmen folded.  He and another of their members brought a load of the old club’s archery equipment which was very welcome.


Philip was a familiar sight on the the shooting line, except when he was on one of his many jaunts to Australia!  He was often dressed in tweed and always looked smart.  Softly spoken and a quiet figure in the club, he will be missed.


Philip’s memorial service was held at Honor Oak Crematorium on 3 October 2017.


Rest in peace Philip.


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