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LPA Grand Knight’s Challenge – 20 May 2018

 The morning started off a little chilly but brightened up considerably to a warm, sunny day.  For a second year, the competition comprised a series of medieval themed targets including the well known knight and attendants. The Dragon’s Lair posed issues for many as the dragon’s head was sited through a butt with a hole. Similarly the Balls of Doom – spongy balls hanging from a line. The archer had to impale the ball with their arrow. The Jester’s stick was a vertical stick with balloons attached at the top and swinging from side to side. Not easy and, with three arrows, if you burst one that’s your lot.

 The result for the coveted chalice in the Chalice Challenge was a mystery right till the last and it was simply the most number of hits during the day on a pictorial chalice. As two people (both longbow ladies!) had the same score at the end there was shoot off at the Jester’s Wand – two balloons, three arrows. Helen shot a balloon with her first arrow.

 At lunchtime there was entertainment in the form of bicycle jousting! It looked difficult. Much hilarity ensued and the black knight won.

 Bromley’s attendance was back up again and we acquitted ourselves admirably.  Tom Williams shot the highest score of the day.  Dylan and George were very disappointed at the raffle and claimed that it had been rigged. Better luck next time chaps but a fantastic time had by all!


Helen Jeory – Chalice Challenge Winner

Tom Williams – 1st Gent Barebow

Andy Barham – 3rd Gent Barebow

Emma Barham – 3rd Lady Barebow

George Gard Clout - 13 May 2018
Adobe Acrobat document [114.9 KB]

Medieval Society St George's Day Shoot - 21 April 2018

Very hot at Belmont House for a bespoke target round - 6 dozen in the morning and again in the afternoon. Distances are approximately 50 and 40 yards give or take a few yards, with 4 and 2 dozen arrows consecutively.  Helen Jeory won first prize for the ladies and had the highest score of the day overall.

Medieval Society Bowmen Open Field Shoot - 9 April 2018

A drizzly, mud filled day by all accounts  Although a number of archers did not turn up there were plenty to take their places and 50 to 60 shot on the day.  After 40 3D targets Helen Jeory won first prize for the Longbow Ladies.

Swan Archers Spring Shoot - 9 April 2018

A dreary day for Swan's Spring Western.  Three Bromley Archers attended unlike many others who were obviously put off by the weather.  Two of them came away with medals - George Gard came second for the longbow men and Tom Williams was second for barebow men.

Easter Clout - 1 April 2018
Happy Easter all
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Sutton Bowmen Charity Portsmouth - 18 March 2018

Well done to Dylan Barham who came second for junior barebow, shooting an indoor double Portsmouth.

Valentine's Day - 11 Feb 2018
Adobe Acrobat document [166.3 KB]
Bah Humbug Clout - 17 December 2017
The Christmas clout delayed by the snow the weekend before.
Adobe Acrobat document [192.9 KB]
Christmas target cupcakes
Arnhem - 12 November 2017
Adobe Acrobat document [117.2 KB]
Agincourt Clout - 29 October 2017
Adobe Acrobat document [98.9 KB]

Swan Soup Shoot, Western - 15 October 2017

A lovely bright, warm, sunny day in October. Not terribly soupy weather but the soup was delicious! Andy Barham won for gents barebow and scored a personal best and Helen Jeory came second (to a rubber bandit) for ladies longbow. Poor George missed out on the raffle but he shot well (against the rubber bandit brigade!).


Andy Barham - 1st Gent Barebow

Helen Jeory - 2nd Lady Longbow

High Weald Charity Shoot – 30 September 2017

It was an autumnal day with some bright sunshine for this invitation only longbow shoot.  We shot a bespoke round comprising 12 dozen arrows at 60, 50 and 40 yards.  George (Gard) received a special prize at the end of the day for being a “venerable archer” and for finishing the round!  Helen came second for the lady longbows.


Helen Jeory – 2nd Lady

BAC Championship - 3 September 2017
Adobe Acrobat document [143.2 KB]
Ron Palmer Tribute Clout - 13 August 2017
Ron Palmer was a great bowyer and archer. Those of us lucky enough to have known him will never forget him.
Adobe Acrobat document [104.2 KB]

Invicta Coaching, Handicap Westerns - 23 July 2017

As the name implies, this shoot is based on handicap. The raw score is used to calculate a "handicap" score and the higher your raw score the lower your handicap score and vice versa. Bascially it pays to get a lower raw score! However, Andy did shoot a New Western so he did very well. Andy Barham won for gents barebow.

Regina - 16 July 2017
Members are reminded that scoresheets must be completed correctly including all score boxes, first and last name at the top, the date and bow type.
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Midsummer Shoot - 2 July 2017
A bit delayed for various reasons but we got there in the end and the weather was glorious.
Adobe Acrobat document [124.8 KB]
Midsummer 2017 targets
That's Not A Longbow - 11 June 2017
A blustery day and plenty of challenges at the fun field shoot
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LPA Grand Knight's Challenge - 28 May 2017

A different type of shoot this year, as the club have had to relocate temporarily.  This comprised a series of medieval themed targets and still included the knight and attendants.  Due to a series of mishaps, Bromley’s attendance was well down on previous years.  Andy Barham won for the barebow gents.

George Gard Clout - 14 May 2017
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Med Soc St George's Day Shoot - 22 April 2017

A dismal, damp start to the double medieval National at Belmont House.  However, the day improved dramatically and there was some very good shooting by the attendant archers. Helen Jeory won silver for the lady longbows, two points behind the winner.

Easter Sunday Clout Results - 16 April 2017
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Swan Archers Spring Shoot - 2 April 2017

A glorious day for Swan's Western shoot.  The sun shone, the arrows flew and Helen Jeory won First Lady Overall prize and First Lady Longbow.  Unfortunately George's raffle numbers were not lucky this time.  At least he eventually found his car keys in his lunchbox!

2017 Valentine's Day
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